Garden Log 4/5/21

Well, the new greenhouse is getting a workout. About two days after I got it, it almost blew over completely — yes, I’d forgotten to stake it to the ground, even though it very nicely came WITH stakes. All the plants tumbled down, and I had to rescue them and repot them. They mostly survived that. It happened twice before I actually staked, oops.

And THEN, I happened to walk through the garden and saw the whole tray of plants on the ground (see last pic), though the greenhouse itself was mostly fine. One of the supportive bars had been pulled out, and I think I have to blame a cat (mine) or squirrels (resident menaces).

I’m not sure what to do to keep that from happening again, since I usually unzip the door during the day for good airflow. Maybe it was a one-time random thing? I can hope.

I’m supposed to divide and bring out more plants from the basement grow lights today, if I have time, so maybe having more plants out there on the shelves will actually make the whole thing more stable? But also maybe more enticing to those dastardly squirrels. Hm.

Oh — my garden reminders say that now is the time to start dahlias in pots, to get them a little extra growth and size before the season. Two questions:

• do I start glads now the same way?

• do I keep them under grow lights (or a sunny window) in the basement, the way I did previously, or can I put them in the greenhouse now? (Space in the basement near lights is very crowded at the moment.)

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