Blue Jasmine

More scarves. 🙂 “Blue Jasmine” in chiffon or modern jersey. A little more of a summer look than spring, I think — or while traveling to tropical isles….oh, I miss traveling to tropical isles. Sigh.

I’m doing inventory this evening, so I can check in with the higher tier Patreon peeps on what they want in their treat boxes.

“Milky Way” patrons gets to pick either:
• handmade tea towel (unicorn garden), or
• 2 fabric masks, or

• 1 scarf

“Interstellar” patrons get to pick 2 from these options:
• 2 homemade tea towels
• 4 fabric masks
• 1 tea towel + 2 masks
• 2 scarves

• choice of books (Feast of Serendib, Bodies in Motion, The Stars Change, Perennial)

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