Another tardigrade scarf, in slightly wild spring colors. Sometime in the next few weeks, I’m going to ask Stephanie Bailey to start adding these to the Serendib store for purchase, but it will take a little while because I’ll have to figure out pricing, etc.

This one in particular, I’m afraid is a one-off (most of them, I should be able to sew to commission, like the masks), because Spoonflower seems to have discontinued this fabric, the silky faille. So if you’d like a double-wide tardigrade infinity scarf in silky faille, it’ll be $49.99 + shipping, so feel free to claim this one now. 🙂

Tardigrades! Indestructible! Survivors!

(I still want to go back and design some tardigrade fabric with words on it, but that might have to wait until summer. Time!)

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