A Few Constellation Pieces

A few last constellation pieces for the weekend sale. These first two came out a little wonky, so I’m just going to keep those for myself — I don’t mind that the star is a little tilted in the first one, but I think I hadn’t quite figured out to use my heat gun (that I had for embossing) to get rid of bubbles in the resin, and it has a bubble right over the metal star AND another one at the top left, ah well. And in the triangle piece, the star is too far towards the bottom of the triangle — it bothers me that it’s not more centered.

But most of them really did come out just fine. I feel like we should have crafting scales for how easy-to-hard something is to learn the basics of and make a decent-looking result. (I’m not talking about real expertise here! Just something that you’d be happy to use / wear.)

On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the easiest to pick up and 10 the hardest, resin jewelry, I have to say, is probably somewhere around a 3, even though it seemed intimidating. Crochet, I’d put at a 5. Knitting an 8. Stained glass work at 9 or 10, because it’s so easy to cut yourself and/or cut/break your glass in unfortunate ways.

Pottery, I might put off the scale, because I remember doing a whole semester of it in high school and though I loved the process, never actually getting a result I was happy with! Such thick walls. Such burnt and discolored glazes. Alas. (My dad put all my finished pots up on his mantel at his office, because that’s the kind of dad he is, which was very sweet.)

Your mileage may vary on where you’d scale the items, of course, but now I’m tempted to do this for ALL the crafts my magpie brain has made me try. It’s a lot of crafts. 🙂

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