Managing Inventory

Finished photographing the constellation pendants in gold for the weekend benefit sale. Individual item inventory is slow! I’m going to upload them to the site next, then probably take a break and go sew a little, because an order just came in for two scarves. 🙂

I also figured out how to use the little hand drill to make a hole in resin, so that was satisfying. Most of these are made with molds that have the hole shape as part of the mold, but the smallest, like the little diamond rocket ship, didn’t, presumably because it’d be hard to get a clean pour at that level of detail.

Hand-drilling holes is not a pleasurable process for me — a little tedious and finicky. I think for crafting, you should expect that some parts of it you’ll really love from the start (the feel of sharp scissors slicing through linen, oh, yum), some you’ll grow to love (“how I learned to love my iron” could be an essay), and some you’ll only ever tolerate.

I’m not sure anyone learns to love managing inventory.

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