Garden Log 3/14/21

It’s a little chillier today, and supposed to snow tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plant — spring bulbs won’t mind a bit of snow! I just planted up the little hanging planter by my front door; I change this out seasonally. (From Gardener’s Supply Co.)

I’ve finally taken out the winter decor, and planted in spring bulbs for the next few months. Mini daffodils, stock, muscari (not yet blooming) and dianthus.

Somewhere around May-June, I’ll pull these and plant something else for summer/autumn — probably begonia and coleus, because this is on my shady porch, which only gets a few hours of late afternoon sun.

Pleasing. (Also, note my new wacky plant lady doormat. It makes me happy. Ah, Pottery Barn, you are a wicked seducer, and know me much too well.)

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