A Weird Super-Avoidant-of-Work Mode

I’m in a weird super-avoidant-of-work mode, and have been for a few days, and there are a few things I really HAVE to get done, and can’t seem to make myself do them, argh.

But on the plus side, I’ve given my guys directions, and Kev and Jed are working on clearing the last of the Christmas decor from the front porch and yard (yes, our lights are still up), so by tomorrow, I think we’ll be in full spring mode here.

Even better, it’s warm enough that I can sit outside (look! a new place to work! super-exciting in pandemic times for novelty-craving me!), and I am only a little tempted to figure out what I’d like to design for a tablecloth for this table for spring…

….no, no. Back to work that is DUE, dang it.

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