This Wasn’t a Date…

Okay, pausing novel-writing for the afternoon, though I’m hoping to pick up later. Need to run an errand with Jed, so will wander about for a bit. But I’m getting so close to the end of Part 1, I’m kind of aching to keep going. We’ll see how awake I feel when we get back.

(I think we’re going to try ordering dinner from Thai Neighbor — locals, recommendations for what to order welcome. I haven’t eaten there before, but the Airbnb we’re staying at is just down the street. My Thai defaults are steamed shumai and green curry chicken, but open to other options. Vegetarian recs particularly welcome, as Jed is vegetarian.)


Swati crossed quickly over to the hearth, and bent down to the girl – “I’m Saraswati. Do you speak English?”

The girl nodded, and said, “English, Xhosa, Irish, Thella, Jeseth. And a little of the Skeythwaith language too, though I have trouble with the flutters. Our tongues aren’t really built for them. I’m Nampu’ko.”

The name was like nothing Swati had heard before – there was a click in the middle of it. How interesting! She tried to reproduce it: “Nampu’ko?”

“Close enough for a first date,” the girl said, smiling.

Wait, what? This wasn’t a date…


31,702 words.

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