Liz Gorinsky on MRAH

Recorded another session of the podcast today, interviewing Liz Gorinsky of Erewhon Books. We are ALMOST done recording for season 1, which is pretty darn cool — I think we just have one more sesion to record with Ellen & Delia, and one with some of the Wild Cards authors, and then we’re done, and will take a little break before we start recording season 2.

We’re still on schedule to launch on March 15th, I think, eep. Darius Vinesar
is frantically working on intros and outros and the like. We’re going to have a break in the middle for ads, and while we haven’t figured out anything about paid ad rates yet, if you have a writing-related non-profit and would like to send us a 30-second audio ad to drop in as we have time & space, you should get in touch with me (, subject line: PODCAST ADS FOR NONPROFITS).

(Also, isn’t my new sweater cute? Picked up locally at 16 Suitcases, which is having a fabulous 60% sale on their back room sale rack — I got this, and Kavi got 3 things; we totally scored! It is SO SOFT, I keep wanting to pet it.)

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