When We Talk About Medicare-for-All…

I want to ask Americans to add up all they paid for healthcare in the last year — doctor’s visits, prescriptions, hospital stays, etc. This includes all the people who supposedly have ‘good’ insurance through their jobs.

Then ask if they’d be willing to pay that same amount in taxes instead, which would ALSO enable ten of their neighbor families to have health care who can’t afford it under our current system.

I haven’t actually done the math on this, so I’m not sure how it pencils out. It might be a hundred families instead. And what most folks would end up paying in taxes (compared to their prior costs) would probably also go down quite a lot.

I just wish we could get past the reflexive:

• ‘people who want to raise taxes want to take our money’…

to the actual case, at least for me as a politician, that

• ‘people who want to raise taxes are usually trying to leave everyone in the community with MORE money in their bank accounts AND better services for more of the community…”

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