Too Much for Anyone

I keep thinking I can just deal with e-mail in between the rest of my life, but I really can’t. I worked all day Saturday and Sunday, so Monday from noon to bedtime was my ‘day off’ — and I really needed to turn off my brain and lie around for a while, it seemed, because I couldn’t even bring myself to look at e-mail.

(I have now watched many episodes of Midsomer Murders on BritBox — there’s something comforting about a ridiculous spate of murders in a quiet English village, don’t ask me why.)

I used to have a meeting on Tuesday mornings for the SLF, but I’ve shifted it to Thursday afternoons instead, so now, I generally have Tuesdays ‘free’ — which means I can actually use that as a big time block for e-mail / grading (plus a bit of laundry).

I picked up a copy of Getting Things Done recently — I need to actually read it, I think. Want to fine-tune my work systems for more efficiency all around. Undealt with e-mails cause me stress and unhappiness — I really need to aim for Inbox Zero again. Might take a bit push over spring beak or even the summer, as I have so much backlog, but I think worth it for my sanity.

And if I get it down to there again, then maybe Stephanie Bailey will actually be able to manage it for me going forward; it’s just too much for her right now, I think. Too much for anyone!

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