Okay, resin-item-making is VERY satisfying. I love the little candy pendants, though I’m not sure who would actually wear them — it’s not really my style. Maybe for summer, with a beach outfit, though?

Favorite aspects of this:

• I love the floaty element, where you get an effect of depth from where different bits of inclusions end up
• I love the backing of gold and silver, how it shines through behind the pink candy bits
• I thought backing with colored tissue paper on the pegasus basically worked, although it’s so big, I’m not quite sure what one is meant to do with such a pegasus — just a toy, maybe?

• Kavi and I agree that we love the gold leaf, and want to do more with that


• the pegasus and unicorn head are more cloudy than the rectangle pieces, and I’m not sure why — is it because I poured them first, and the resin wasn’t mixed sufficiently well?

I don’t love how the unicorn head came out — it was the first one I did, and I didn’t add any inclusions until the end of the pour, and so there’s a lot of color on the back when is mostly not visible in any detail from the front. Might re-do it, not sure I love that particular inclusion anyway, though.

Next time, plan to try using some of the dried flowers I pressed last year from my garden…

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