A Mad Scientist

After the family goes to bed, I become a mad scientist. Experimenting with resin — I bought a kit for myself for Christmas, and I have only just now had a few free hours to play with it. I was also a little intimidated, because chemicals mixing, toxic fumes, etc. so on. But apparently the new resin is much less toxic than the old ones? I still did it in a well-ventilated room and wore my gloves, though — safety first!

Really don’t know what I’m doing — I got a book, too, but didn’t have the energy to read through it. I paged through the pretty pictures, and then just followed the instructions that came with the resin for my first attempts. I used clear resin, and tried adding edible sprinkles (because that’s what I had on hand in the kitchen), colored paper, and gold leaf.

I think it went well — but 24-48 hrs to fully cure before I can unmold any of them? I am not sure I have sufficient patience for this art form!

(If it actually works, though, there may some resin bookmarks sneaking their way into the upper tier Patreon March treat boxes.)

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