Planning the Spring Quarterly Treat Boxes

Spent a little while planning the spring quarterly treat boxes for Patreon. I’m hoping to incorporate forsythia and redbud from the garden this time around, assuming they bloom in time — they should. 🙂 Still a fair bit to be worked out in terms of sweet specifics, but it’s going to look something like this.

(NOTE: You have to sign up before the end of February in order to get a spring treat box, which ship quarterly. Link in comments. Quantities are limited.)

EARTH ($10 month, $30 for the quarter):
• snowdrop soap (unscented pure glycerin)
• assorted confections (box of 5)
• forsythia syrup shortbread
• flower iced sugar cookies

• redbud blossom tea

SOL SYSTEM ($15 month, $45 for the quarter):
• as above, with larger quantities of sweets, plus
• at least one variety of marshmallows
• garden mini bookmarks (5)
• lavender sachet (Wall o’ Plants fabric)
• unicorn garden mask
• add choice of 2 soaps:
– lily-of-the-valley (lily of the valley shea butter)
– alicorne (vanilla & citrus shea butter)
– lilac (lilac & lilies shea butter)

– hellebore (unscented shea butter)

MILKY WAY ($20 month, $60 for the quarter):
• as above, with even more sweets, plus
• cashew milk toffee
• food mini bookmarks (5)
• Oak Park garden greeting cards (set of 5)
• handmade tea towel (unicorn garden) or 2 fabric masks
• lily-of-the-valley candle

• peony soap

INTERSTELLAR ($30 month, $90 for the quarter):
• as above, with SO MANY sweets, plus
• Oak Park garden greeting cards (set of 10)
• two homemade tea towels (your choice of several options), OR 4 fabric masks (OR one tea towel + 2 masks)
• a soft jersey unicorn garden infinity scarf OR choice of books (Feast of Serendib, Bodies in Motion, The Stars Change, Perennial)
• add choice of soap:
– painted unicorn (lily of the valley scent shea butter)

– painted daffodil (unscented shea butter)

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