I Need a Tagline

Did some sewing this morning, in part because I’m going to be talking to a local store this week about carrying some of my Serendib House stuff. Eep. I need to bring them samples, so I sewed up a new mask for that, and also collected some of the other items I have on hand.

I think this particular store (Carnivore, just up the street from me) might carry the curry powder, soaps, tea towels and masks, maybe greeting cards, not books and other paper products? But I figure I just take it all over there, and let them decide what they’re interested in, if anything.

I feel like I need a tagline too.

a) Serendib House: Gardening, Kitchen, and Geekery
b) Serendib House: Gardening, Kitchen, Books, and Geekery

c) something else?

Thoughts welcome. (Also, I need to figure out where else locally offers items by local artisans. Put together a list….)

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