Organizing the Jump Space

I spent a while working on organizing the Jump Space book today, which isn’t writing, exactly, but the organizing part is important, and needed to happen before I could do the last piece of writing revision, because I’m using the Thin Air story to frame the other stories in book 2, which means I need to know what order they come in. Whew. This probably makes no sense to anyone but me and maybe Jed Hartman.

I’m a little worried that book 2 is going to be a downer, which maybe you might expect given that it’s called War Stories. There are bright moments, but there is also a lot that is grim. Will readers mind? I don’t know.

Maybe that doesn’t matter — right now, I’m trying to make it the book I think it should be, and not worry too much about what readers think. That’s hard, though. I want my readers to LOOOVE ME!

Tentative plan below. Jed, if you have time to talk this over with me sometime in the next day or two, that’d be helpful!

a) One question — I have a story that follows on from the “Jump Space” story, and I’m wondering if it makes sense to include that in this book. It’s not really a war story, though, so I worry that it’s tonally so different…?

b) On looking this over, do you think I should write something happier for the War Stories book? 🙂 Something light and silly? Probably not, I think, but I am fretting.

These are questions for editor Jed, but y’all can weigh in if you like. Absurd answers also welcome.


Prologue: Jump Space


Book One: The Stars Change

Part I: These Days of Peace

The Night Air
Thick as a Brick
Crackles and Chokes
Past Echoes

Hammer in the Dark


Part II: Be Human

Old Friends Meet
In the House of God
Seeking Clarity

Amidst the Shouting


Part III: The City Divided

Slowly We Gather
Sparks Fly

And Brightly Blaze


Part IV: A Single Book

Phoenix Rises

Dragons Fall


Part V: After the Clouds

Day Breaks


Book Two: War Stories

Part I: Sequel and Prequel


Paper Star

Part II: Intensification

That She Might Fly
Among the Marithei


Thin Air 1: The Question

Part III: Conflagration


Skin Deep

Thin Air 2: The Answer


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