Only So Much You Can Do

I have a list of things I didn’t get to accomplish in my time on the library board, because of course, there’s only so much you can accomplish in four years, given budgetary and other constraints, and then, y’know, PANDEMIC intervened…

…so today I sent a note to the director asking if he’d have time to meet with me in the next few weeks so I could pass my list on to him, which he’s totally not obliged to do of course, but he graciously said yes, so I get to put in just a few more cents before I leave the board…

…and I am feeling just a little bit ‘extra,’ as my 13-year-old would snarkily say. I’m not sure you’re supposed to keep trying to do stuff like this once you’re a lame duck?

Oh well. I will have more peace of mind going off leaving unfinished tasks if I know I’ve at least made a good faith attempt to pass them on to the next board. 🙂

Now I will go rewatch the West Wing episode where C.J. keeps snapping at the rest of the Barlett outgoing staff that she needs their TRANSITION MEMO….

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