Jasmine +

Hm. Spoonflower has a way to make it easy for people to design a repeating image, where you draw a single image, and then choose a half-drop or half-brick repeat. I was sort of hoping this jasmine I drew would work for that, but I don’t love the way the repeat lays out (easier to see in the smaller-scale version than the tablecloth, this is a half-drop).

I think I probably want to actually do this as a real seamless design. Which takes more time, but on the plus side, I can scatter them around and rotate and make the final pattern omnidirectional. So it’ll be good, if slower.

Of course, this also raises the question of whether. I want anything else in the image. Just jasmine? Jasmine + unicorns? Jasmine + elephants? Jasmine + monkeys? Jasmine + other flowers I haven’t drawn yet? So many possibilities…

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