I Like the Blue Best

I still like the blue best, but I added a few more spring / Easter colors. Cute for baby clothes, I think, as well as bedding, tea towels, etc.

(Only okay for table linens generally, because they’re not omnidirectional, which really is better for table linens, I think. I need to figure out more about how to make good omnidirectional designs — easier with flowers than trees!)

Hey, do I know anyone with a baby / toddler who is willing to have their child model my fabric sewn up into clothes? You would tell me the child’s size, I would sew (amateurishly) some clothes and send them to you, you’d take adorable photos and send them to me? This is not actually a good deal for child modelling in any serious way, to be clear, but I also am not expecting to sell much, if any, in the way of fabric for kids’ clothing. So mostly, this is just if you’d like to help me out. I would try to sew clothes that wouldn’t immediately fall apart on you, but the stitching would probably leave much to be desired.

I suppose I could try to sew clothes for the cat or dog, but I’m pretty sure they would not cooperate with the dressing or the photo shoot.

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