Badly Needed

So far today — slept in ’til 10 (badly needed), stayed in bed playing phone games for another hour, eventually came down for breakfast + coffee + two episodes of Outlander and more phone games.

By 1, I felt rejuvenated enough that I could coax the kids through a serious clean-up of the first floor — moving furniture to sweep and vacuum, that kind of thing. By 3, everyone was getting a little tired and cranky, so I sent them off to relax for a while (well, Kavi has homework, but at least it’s not hard labor).

Realized I hadn’t had lunch, also, I wanted scones. So made a batch of experimental vegan coconut-lime scones, recipe forthcoming if they come out well — about to come out of the oven now.

Next: tea and scones with good Irish butter, then I’m going to try to put together my political calendar for the next six weeks, figuring out when I have time to do some Zoom meet-and-greets. I’m going to limit those to 25 people each, so people have a chance to actually talk to me and get a little more in-depth with questions.

I’m also planning on hosting at least one Facebook AMA (Ask Me Anything), where I set up shop here on Facebook and just keep answering people’s questions in a thread for as long as I hold out. 🙂

And then after that, a little grading + sewing for the evening, I think. If I get a real energy bump, I may try to work on cleaning the second floor with Kevin and the kids, but if it doesn’t happen today, c’est la vie. Surely one floor being clean is sufficient for pandemic time?

(Photo of little Valentine heart garland I made a few years back — cut out lots of little felt hearts, stitch them together with pink thread. Very simple, rather sweet. Hung with a few pink glass hearts in the duranta tree.)

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