Robot Dude

Okay, I know I was complaining last night about having an 8 p.m. meeting and a 7 a.m. meeting, but in fact, both meetings were great, and I would happily talk with the people on the calls for much longer, EVEN THOUGH I am very sick of Zoom generally.

I was just really exhausted yesterday, I think — spent most of the day working from bed, aside from one trip to the bank (finally managed to wire funds to the two SLF grant recipients in Nigeria, fingers crossed) and drugstore (hooray cancer-not-come-back-meds), and was still quite tired.

But I did watch movies 2 and 3 in the “To All the Boys” sequence while processing e-mails, and they were charming and delightful and wasn’t it nice to see all those Korean (and other POC) characters in lead roles?

Today is probably too scheduled to manage a midday nap — teach at 10 (structuralism!), teach at 12 (fiction workshop!), talk to a musician at 2 about composing something for the Portolan Project, attend department reading at 4. But I’m feeling reasonably energetic now, so I think I can make it through ’til 5, at least. May then fall down go boom. 🙂

If I *do* have the energy, my main other goal for today is to try to get the last few Valentine packages in the mail — I have to sew some masks for one of them.

And I’d like to start cooking for Vegan Serendib again — I picked up some pineapple yesterday, and am planning to make pineapple curry AND pineapple pickle. I have way more recipes planned that I actually have room for in the cookbook, I think, so at some point soon, we’ll have to do a winnowing. I bought three different brands of vegan yogurt yesterday, so am planning to do a taste-testing.

Oh, and I think my responses to the Activist Toolkit might be due today, and I have six more questions to answer. I guess that happens next.

I leave you with a little ‘robot dude’ that Kavi drew yesterday — I know what’s going on next year’s Valentine’s cards from Serendib House! I love him so much. I feel like he needs some kind of cute text to go with him, but am terrible at coming up with that kind of thing. Suggestions welcome. 🙂

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