From Plurality University: “We are extremely happy to launch our next collective project, Narratopias. Narratopias is a collective, open project that wishes to organize, on a global scale, a collective response to the recurring call for “new narratives.” (

It is a project for all of you who wish to work with alternative narratives and transform them in seeds of concrete change!

The project launches with a first objective:

• To collect +300 narratives from all over the world before april 2021!

Then, we wish to connect, facilitate, and support initiatives that both enrich the diversity of narratives, and use them to empower individuals and communities to think up or effect transformations.

Find out how you can participate! (

· Save The Date: On March 18th, from 2:30-4:30 PM (CET time), to start off the project, U+ will organize an open workshop where we will share tools and methods on how you can organize your own activity around narratives and work from them. Register for free:…/cli…

NOTE: The workshop registration page is in French, but if you click on ‘S’inscrire,’ you’ll be taking to register and can choose your language from there.

I *think* it starts at 8:30 a.m. in Chicago time, if I got the conversion right. Plurality U+ is based in France.

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