The Three Biggest Challenges or Opportunities

Okay, in the last hour, I’ve filled out three pages of responses to the Activist Toolkit’s D200 questions, and my eyes are starting to glaze over — maybe the last six questions should wait ’til morning. Is 1:45 a.m. the best time to be thinking about best practices for creating equity in education? Well, better now than never…

Q: What are the three biggest challenges or opportunities you expect District 200 to face in the coming years, and how would you work with your colleagues to address these challenges or realize these opportunities?

1) Adapting to the pandemic and its consequences will necessarily impact both the budget and day-to-day logistical planning; although we can hope that much of the community will be vaccinated before fall semester starts, masking will almost certainly need to continue through the fall, and I’d be looking to science and evidence-based research to guide the board on appropriate actions….

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