Happy Writing News

In happy writing news, it looks like a small press is interested in publishing my cancer log as a memoir! I had asked my agent at the time whether that might be worth pursuing, but he thought there were a lot of cancer memoirs out there already, and wanted me to work on fiction instead. But I’m pretty happy to think it might make it out into the wider world.

It’ll probably be a few weeks, at least, before any details are finalized and I can actually announce it as an official sale — and then I need to set aside time to actually work on the project — do I just include all the entries? Do I edit it down to the most interesting ones? Is there something valuable about the daily ones, even if they aren’t particularly interesting, simply in chronicling the endlessness of chemo and radiation? Some decisions to make.

They’re also interested in reprinting Perennial (my cancer romance), and Lethe Press has agreed to release the rights to it (thank you, Steve Berman!), so I think we’d be offering it as a pair of books, perhaps, or maybe merging it into one book, I’m not sure — we’ll see what the editor is thinking. But regardless, it’s exciting. Hooray for small presses, who take chances on slightly unusual projects. 🙂

Writing plans for the upcoming weeks:

– draft another Jump Space adventure for the RPG

– finish up revisions on Jump Space “Skin Deep”

– draft 1-2 new stories for Jump Space

– finish revision on Wild Cards story

– finish developing recipes for Vegan Serendib

A little hard to say how long all that will take, but right now, I’m thinking aim for end of March, which will probably actually become end of April? Which would mean starting work on the cancer memoir in May, if I do the others first. Well, we’ll see.

Right now, though, back to reading and responding to student work, which has consumed most of today, along with a bit of local politics.

The raw version of the cancer log is here, for the curious: http://maryannemohanraj.com/miscellaneous/cancer-log/

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