So Far in My Dedicated Writing Time

So far in my 1 hr 30 minutes of dedicated writing time, I have:

– watered my office plants
– refilled the humidifier
– cleared off my desk
– answered some urgent e-mails
– put out a call for a few more moderators for the SLF forum
– read a belated story from last fall and sent a note to the writer about meeting to give him feedback

– went through my e-mail and collected all the story feedback on “Skin Deep” — I think I’ve read most of it already, and even responded to some of it, but it was still lingering in my e-mail, and thus, I must at least review it again

In theory, I’m halfway through writing time (with no actual writing done yet), but in practice, I realized my bank closes at 1 today, and I really need to swing by so I can send money to Nigeria — and yes, I know that sounds like a scam, but two of the SLF grant recipients this past year happen to be based in Nigeria, and I would like to get these talented young men their $1000 in grant funds.

So Darius Vinesar will take over co-writing for me at 12, and I’ll go to the bank, but then I’m planning to come back and write some more. I think my main goals for today are now:

– get money sent to Nigeria
– actually revise “Skin Deep,” hopefully for a final pass, and send to Jed Hartman for his thoughts
– give belated feedback to writer (scheduled for 3)
– straighten up two more areas of the house (options: my office, mudroom (with kids), master bathroom (with Kevin)

– respond to all e-mail re: local elections, including setting up calendar for my events, including co-hosted meet-and-greet with Cate Readling

If I actually get all that done today, I’ll be very pleased with myself. We’ll see.

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