Rough Cancer Week

Two people close to us (both women not yet fifty) had surgery yesterday for cancer; both surgeries went well, as far as we know, but it was stressful all around, of course, and everyone involved is still anxious.

Then today, a good friend (just my age) died. We’ve known she was terminal for some time, and yet it still doesn’t seem real, especially since the pandemic meant that even though she lived just around the corner, I haven’t been able to go and visit her the last several months.

Valerie, I can’t quite believe I won’t get to talk to you again. That time we went out for wine, and we talked for hours, and at the end of it you asked if maybe I should go get tested for ADD? I owe you for that, querida. You were such a light in this world.


(I don’t seem to have any good photos of us, or even of just her. I guess we were too busy talking to stop and take photos. Here is one when she and her family came over for board game night, which of course also came with potluck and lots of food. Here are two more, from Tired Moms’ Night Out meals. We would have eaten so many more meals together, if we’d only had time.)

Post from her husband, Rodrigo:

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