Last scarf — for this one, I went back to my “Starry Woods” print (honestly, sometimes I can’t quite believe I drew that, because I love it SO MUCH), and made a double-width infinity scarf in Spoonflower’s modern jersey. It is so relaxed and cozy! You could still wear this to the office, but it’s also got a lovely weekend vibe to it — like:

“I’m just going to hang around in my PJs all day, but please do not forget that I AM MAGIC, as evidenced by my block print desi trees and sparkly stars.”

I also kind of adore this color combo for winter, deep blue and silver-grey. It’s stupid cold in Chicago right now, and snowing lightly outside my office window, but I have a toasty radiator in my office and my coffee is still hot, so I can coordinate with the season, while not actually being cold. 🙂

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