A Little Scarf Sewing

I did a little scarf sewing yesterday, so brace yourself. Three scarves sewn in about an hour, woot!

For this double-width infinity scarf, I was experimenting with Spoonflower’s ‘silky faille’ fabric, and I really like it — it has a little more weight to it than I expect from silk, which means it drapes beautifully, while still having a luxe feel. The colors also print nice and bright on this fabric. If I were making a scarf for my mother to wear to a Christmas party or the garden club meeting, this is what I’d use, I think.

Or maybe a science club meeting, given that it has my “Tumbling Tardigrades” print on it. It’d be great for geeky folks to wear to a SF convention, when we get to do those again. For that, “I’m trying to look like a professional writer and get myself an agent, so I’m not doing cosplay today and am in my business casual drag, but also, isn’t Star Trek Discovery awesome, let’s geek out about how cool tardigrades are!!!” look.

(I am still a very beginner garment sewer, but I think someone who knew what they were doing could make an AWESOME 50’s-style mock polka dot dress from this combo.)

Spoonflower has a Design-a-Yard option where you can do two lengths with two different prints; it saves you seaming an edge, and it’s fun to think about which two prints go together well. I like this pink & green combo, feels very spring to me.

I think my tentative plan for the spring Patreon treat boxes is to let the people at the top tier ($30 / month) pick a few items from what I have sewn up — tea towels, of course, but also scarves and masks and maybe aprons by that point? I’ll use a random number generator to figure out the order of letting people pick, since I only have one of several items on hand? Something like that. Need to finish Valentine’s orders before I go back to that, but something to ponder on…

If you want to sew a tardigrade scarf for yourself, head on over to Spoonflower. 🙂 The whole site is 20% off this week — fabric, wallpaper, etc. Link here.

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