Tell Me What to Do With This Fabric

I have 4 fat quarters of my “Starry Woods” pattern in jewel tones, in cotton, that I bought for proofing, and I’m sure I had some thought in my head about what I’d do with them when they arrived, but that was months ago and I didn’t make a note, so I don’t remember. Some options:

• make headbands out of them (I could do at least two for each, I think — I don’t need THAT many headbands, but I could sell them, or include them in Patreon packages)
• put them up for mask orders (the print is maybe a little large for masks, though?)
• figure out how to combine them into one yard of something cool
• shove them in the fabric bin and forget about them for now

• something else?

What would you do with them?

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