I Love Efficiency

Two hours watching TV with Kevin — sketched two more bullock carts, and collected all the Sri Lankan-ish motifs I’ve drawn so far into one graphic. Don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet, but I think maybe some kind of toile pattern will emerge at some point?

I really should be working on next week’s patchwork challenge now, though. I think I want to try to do something with a patchwork kantha quilt vibe. There’s another challenge, in March, that calls for hand-drawn florals, and another one that’s about mythological beasts.

So efficiency suggests that if I draw some more block print florals, AND some unicorns, I should be able to use those for multiple challenges, and also have some more elements to throw into this collection of motifs too, yes?

As a bonus, those should also work for the March Patreon boxes with their unicorn garden theme — I want to do a tea towel or two for the higher-tier boxes, and maybe another scarf for the top tier? (Or maybe a bag would be more generally useful? Hm. Must ponder.)

My god, I love efficiency. Yes, this is what thrills me on a Friday night, age 49. 🙂

• draw South Asian block print florals
• draw unicorns
• use them in patchwork challenge
• use them in hand-drawn floral challenge
• use them in mythological beasts challenge
• use them in spring Patreon treat boxes

• use all of them, with these motifs, in toile just for fun

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