Garden Log 2/5/21

My little succulent cutting made a root! Woot! I was sort of hoping for more than one, but the other two cuttings I took haven’t rooted at all yet, and this one looks nice and strong? I’m totally new to this process, so not sure if I made a mistake here, but I went ahead and planted it up in a little succulent soil.

I’m thinking I’ll leave it under the grow lights for a bit (it’s amidst the amaryllis right now, although all of that is going to get displaced as I start more seeds over the next few weeks), hope it can build up a little more strength before I move it into a windowsill (where it’ll be lucky to get 4-6 hours of sunlight in winter).

If all of this is wrong, please tell me now. I’d like this little succulent baby to live, and right now, I’m mostly doing this by instinct, rather than following any clear instructions. 🙂

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