Just Short of Loony

Sent a quick note to my department chair updating her on my book publications, because I’m going up for promotion (to full clinical professor) this spring. I was having a bad writing day yesterday, sort of frustrating on various fronts, but then this morning, got some good writing news, and was reminded that overall, this is all going just fine. There will be some bad writing days. It’s okay.

I’ve been writing a long time — about 25 years now, since I first started seriously trying to publish my work. Not bad, not bad. I don’t usually count them all up like this — I feel a little like Miles Vorkosigan in that moment when he’s going to talk to Emperor Gregor in Memory, and pulls out ALL his medals to put them on. “The effect was just short of loony,” or something like that. 🙂 (Gosh, that was a great book.)

Oh, Wikipedia editors, can I get a correction? I was cross-referencing against that page, and someone put Kathryn in the City and The Classics Professor in the Edited Books section, but those aren’t anthologies — they’re choose-your-own-adventure novels, written by me, so they should just be under the top category of Fiction, I think. [Editing to note, I just got this wrong, it’s in the right section, I’m super-confused, but never mind.]

Wikipedia also doesn’t list Three Kings, which I would put as a co-written book (mosaic novel with several authors), but that’s more of a judgement call.


Fiction & Nonfiction Books:

Jump Space (short stories), forthcoming 2021, Riverdale Avenue Press & Constellation Press
Three Kings (co-author), 2020, Tor Books
Perennial, 2018, Lethe Press
The Stars Change, 2013, Circlet Press
Without a Map (co-authored with Nnedi Okorafor), June 2010, Aqueduct Press
Bodies in Motion, July 2005 hardcover, HarperCollins (also translated editions in France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, and Serbia), July 2006 paperback
Silence and the Word, 2004
Kathryn in the City, 2003
The Classics Professor, 2003

Torn Shapes of Desire, 1997, Intangible Assets Manufacturing

Edited Books:

Sri Lankan Speculative Fiction anthology, forthcoming 2021, Serendib Press (publisher)
Survivor, ed., 2018, Lethe Press
Invisible 3 (co-edited with Jim Hines), 2017, Amazon
WisCon Chronicles: Volume 9, 2015, Aqueduct Press
The Best of Strange Horizons: Year One, 2003, Lethe Press
Wet, 2002, Three Rivers Press

Aqua Erotica, 2000, Three Rivers Press


Vegan Serendib, forthcoming 2021, Mascot Books
A Feast of Serendib, 2019, Mascot Books

A Taste of Serendib, 2003, Lethe Press

Childrens’ Books:

Fingers and Spoons (picture book), forthcoming 2021, Mango and Marigold Press
The Poet’s Journey (picture book), 2008, Serendib Press

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