Extra Stir-Crazy

I’ve been feeling extra stir-crazy recently, to the point of casually glancing at flights to anywhere, or AirBnBs in the middle of nowhere. Neither of which are necessary or make much sense right now, but oh, they are appealing.

I’m trying to wait it out — in a month, I’ll be out in the garden regularly again, and then it’ll be warm enough that I’ll want to go for walks in the woods, and as more and more people get vaccinated and the positivity rate continues dropping, it should be more reasonable to go places and do things.

But sometimes the restlessness is a tight knot of tension in my back. That’s when I give myself a little breathing space — today I grabbed my Oak Park Mutual Aid tote bags (featuring great designs by Marcy Grant) and headed off to the grocery store.

I stopped along the way for Daly bagels and samosas from Shivangi at Wise Cup. Even though they’re only open for pick-up and I couldn’t curl up in one of those cozy chairs with a book and chai and my samosa, it’s just a little longer now. And I even happened to know the one other customer in the store, a local teacher friend, and so we were able to chat a little bit, and it all felt so beautifully neighborly. I love living in Oak Park.

I brought my treats back home and shared with the family (because I am the nicest mommy, apparently). I should be able to go another week or so now, before I need to do that kind of thing again.


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