Codenames With My Eng 240 Class

Played CodeNames with my ENG 240 class, and it did provide some great opportunities to talk about semiotics, symbolism, cultural references & competency, etc. Pleased — will do so again if I teach this class.

Also was a good early-semester bonding activity, getting more of them to talk then previously and getting to know each other a little better. There was a fair bit of laughter, which is always good. It also, I think, will help them get over the fear of saying something wrong, since you generally say things wrong a LOT, and doing that in the game will hopefully help ease their stress about doing it during regular classes.

AND one of the students is a total convert, and wanted to hang out after class and play again — always fun introducing people to a new game they love. 🙂

We played at — they’ll need a browser window they can use to play, as well as a Zoom window, so two devices is generally easiest if that’s possible. (Zooming isn’t a strict requirement, but definitely ups the fun quotient.) If you’re the teacher, be sure you know how to play and have played a few games so you can teach it quickly — none of my students were familiar with it already. Took us about 5-10 minutes to review the basic rules, and then 40 minutes to play through a game, so it fit nicely into a 50 minute class.

The site can be a little buggy — if it freezes, you can keep playing, you just have to all remember which cards are which colors (notes help), and do it all verbally.

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