Last Day for Valentine’s Shipping

Quick reminder that today is the last day to order from me for Valentine’s shipping. I’ll keep taking orders until supplies run out, but can’t guarantee shipped sweets will arrive in time after today’s orders. Link here.

Plan for today:
• 10 a.m. meet with student
• finish sending out assignments for my students for the week (one class done, one to go)
• make passionfruit gummies (try not to eat them all while making)
• finish game writing assignment due today
• sew 5 mask orders and send them out
• start sweet pea seeds
• pot up some succulents
• take cuttings from plants in office
• spend a few hours in front of the TV and try drafting something for the next Spoonflower challenge, “Year of the Ox” — I think most designers will be trying to design something Chinese-inspired, but I’m going in a different direction, I think — maybe a toile?

• start work on another “Jump Space” story — not sure which one. “Skin Deep” probably, which I’m hoping only needs a revision pass to finally pull it together. Although there’s the temptation to go back to something I just have a bit of (like “Warrior”) and dive into drafting — that probably should wait for a more open day, though, where I can set aside 4-5 hours.

Should be a pleasant day. I haven’t done any sewing or drawing in at least a week, I think, with the confections kind of taking over the kitchen, so this will be a nice change. 🙂

Excerpt from “Warrior” (right now, all I have is this bit and some notes on plot):


The gun is out, pointing at her.

“Father Patrick, if you had a problem with how I dusted the altar today, you could have just told me.” Her voice level, with the tension running like a taut cord beneath it. He lowers the gun, starting to laugh, and she joins him, both of them hysterical.

“You should get rid of that thing.”

“I know.” But later, he puts it back under his pillow. It is the only way he can get to sleep.


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