Unicorns Ought to Be Sparkly

While the unicorn is quite pretty here, with nicely flowing locks, this is an example of what I’d consider a suboptimal mold design. It’s pretty much impossible to do a two-color pour and get clean results, and while I haven’t made this kind of mold myself and have no idea how hard it would be to fix, I *think* it wouldn’t take a lot of tweaking to adjust the leveling just a bit so you didn’t have this issue. Admittedly, I’m not really sure of that, though!

Hand-painting does fix the issue, though, as you can see in the bottom soap, so that’s something. But it’s time-consuming enough that I, personally, will not be making a lot of hand-painted soaps. If someone gifts you a hand-painted soap, you must be pretty special. 🙂

I do think it’s appropriate that the hand-painting with mica makes these more sparkly. Unicorns really ought to be sparkly.

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