Mission Creep

Stephanie Bailey is hopefully not going to want to strangle me for this — I have a bit of a habit of mission creep that is undoubtedly somewhat… umm… challenging for my staff to deal with. (In my defense, if I ask them to do more, I do generally give them more time to do it in. That’s something, right?)

See I realized today, although I’d planned to just re-release Torn Shapes in a digital edition, which is very simple and hardly any work, I could ALSO expand it, including some of the other romantic & erotic poetry and fiction I’d written in the intervening 25 years. So now I’m kind of waffly.

It was a pretty short, thin book originally. We could release it as is, or we could do an expanded edition. If we did, I then face the question of:

a) do I just keep all the original material and then add in more, or

b) do I actually edit the thing, possibly taking out some of the original stories and poems that I might not like as well now…

…and now we’re in the realm of big decisions, and AIGH.

Maybe this is just Saturday night wittering. Feel free to weigh in!

So far:
1997: 1st edition
2013: Audible Studios audiobook (narrated by Sita Monroe)
2014: Book View Cafe digital edition

2017: Audible Studios MP3 CD edition

To come?

2021: Expanded digital addition with new material?

2022: 25th anniversary digital & print special edition (Best Of?)

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