Submitted the challenge by Spoonflower’s deadline, so hey, back to HUGE BUNDLE DIGITAL BOOK SALE, TODAY ONLY. 🙂

Also known as: I Can’t Believe How Long the Last Day of the Trump Presidency Is, I Really Need Some More Books to Get Through The Day Flash Digital Sale

I don’t think we have bandwidth to set up a Shopify page and all that today, but if you’d like to get in on this, let’s just do it via PayPal (which also takes credit cards).

I just need to know if you want:

a) just 3 books of fiction ($11.99) (Bodies in Motion is immigrant fiction, The Stars Change is a science fiction novella, Perennial is an illustrated romance story)

b) fiction + Feast ($34.99)

c) fiction + pre-order of Vegan ($34.99)

d) fiction + Feast + pre-order of Vegan ($60 –> bargain, but note that there’s significant overlap between Feast and Vegan; you’ll be getting about 40 new recipes in Vegan)

PayPal to or Venmo to @MaryAnne-Mohanraj, noting the e-mail address you’d like the books sent to. Will default to PDF + Kindle when I have it, but if you’d prefer ePub or PDF instead of Kindle when possible, let me know that too. If you can comment below, I’ll know to look for it! Whew!

I only slept three hours last night, but I think tracking PayPal and sending files back out is within my hazy capabilities. 🙂

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