Community Check-in Post

I just posted notes for my students asking how they’re doing this week, with the recent attack on the Capitol, the ongoing high COVID counts, the Inauguration on Wednesday. I asked if they’re having trouble focusing on schoolwork, feeling extra-stressed.

I know I am. Mostly, I’m trying to keep busy with work, which generally helps me in tough times, but sometimes I just can’t focus at all. Hooray for physical work in that case — I’ve been alternating recording videos this morning with putting away laundry and straightening up while listening to the Seamwork podcast. A cleaner house is good for my sanity.

How are y’all doing, my peeps? A little extra stressed? I wish I could hug you all. In the absence of that, here’s me and Arya in the basement last night, reading a romance novel together. Cats make everything better.

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