In Theory, but in Practice

In theory, I’m co-writing right now, but in practice, I’m dealing with e-mails, and that’s fine, that needs to be done too. I’m still hoping to get to some writing today — I’d ideally like to knock off the revisions on “Hush” and send it off to Jed for the Jump Space anthology.


Other things I’ve worked on so far:

• packed up some mango-passionfruit curd and mango-ginger cream scones for a friend (recipes later today, probably)

• sorted out some more financial stuff for the SLF (we’re trying to send grant money to a writer in Nigeria, and it’s more complicated than you would think because of various legal aspects, but I think Western Union is going to take care of it

• started thinking about what should go on my D200 school board candidate website

• written to a bookkeeper and a graphics person to see if they’re available to do some work for the campaign

• checked on when you’ll be able to pre-order the anthology my BLM / pandemic story will be in (soon!)


Not a bad start for a Saturday morning. Plans for the rest of the day after co-writing:

• spend one hour with the family on straightening up the second floor

• see if I can talk anyone into playing a new board game with me

• write to people to see if any of them are willing to be Zoom-recorded doing a “Jump Space: Event Planners!” RPG play through, so we can show people what this kind of thing looks like (if this might be you, let me know! I’d be happy to run a few games of this — no RPG experienced needed, but it’s a 3 hr commitment)

• do my laundry

• post recipes

• try making a new recipe for Vegan Serendib (yes, we’re finally back to recipe-testing, woot!)

• work on some art with Kavi

• keep reading a Courtney Milan romance

Nice Saturday!

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