A Conversation with Nalo Hopkinson, Andrea Hairston, Sheree Renée Thomas

Back when we could still meet in person, I was privileged to host a conversation about community, writing, and publishing with writer/professor Nalo Hopkinson, writer/professor Andrea Hairston, and writer/editor Sheree Renée Thomas (who has recently taken over as editor at F&SF).

Enjoy these brilliant women conversing, as part of the SLF’s Portolan Project! Click here for the video (with transcription).

“So I teach at Smith, and one of the things we’re really interested in is how women self-select and, you know, it’s ridiculous how easy it is to take it personally that it’s your work, as opposed to men who say they’re messed up. So the women decide that my work isn’t good. And the men decide – and this is like, you know, over decades and we still haven’t shifted this – that the editor doesn’t know crap.”

– Andrea Hairston


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