Kitty Was Helping

Garden log 1/9/20. I may have realized that if I bought Jiffy 50 mm seed pellets in bulk, that I could get them for half-price. So I now have a LOT of Jiffy pellets; more than I can use this season, I’m pretty sure. So I thought I’d put together some giveaways for the garden club group this spring, to encourage novice gardeners.

First up, some tomatoes (flowers and other veggies coming soon):

These are little packets of about 10 tomato seeds each, and I’m happy to include 3 pellets with each packet. You’ll want to sow about 2-3 seeds / pellet, somewhere around mid-March. You need bright grow lights to start seeds, and you may want a heat mat to help with germination. Covering the seeds with plastic (milk jug, etc.) will help retain moisture, so you don’t have to water quite as often.

Seeds available:
– Sun Sugar Tomato
– Micro Tom Tomato
– Juliet Tomato
– Chocolate Cherry Tomato

– Yellow Tumbling Tom Tomato

I’ll be doing the giveaway in the Oak Park Area Garden Club group, for porch pick-up, so mosey over there if you’d like to snag some. 🙂

Kitty was helping.

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