Ready or Not

Here we go again, ready or not. I decided that the asynchronous we did last fall mostly worked, but that the students would benefit from a little more synchronous time. It’s a trade-off; it means that those who have complex work, etc. schedules may not be able to take my course. Hopefully it’ll work for all, though.


“Hello, students! I’ll be sending out a syllabus and various other materials on Monday, but one key piece of information you need is that this course will meet asynchronously much of the time. Specifically, I am not planning to hold classes on Zoom on Mondays or Fridays, so please feel free to schedule other things during our class time if you need to.

I *do* plan to meet on Wednesdays — not necessarily every week, but certainly the first week, and probably most Wednesdays during the semester. So please do reserve that time for our class to join in on Zoom; if you cannot make that time, this class isn’t a good choice for you.


Mary Anne”


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