A Magazine Idea

Hey, peeps. So, with the break ending (classes start on Monday), I’m going to be doing some ruminating on various projects that were interrupted, etc. last year (stupid pandemic), and how we want to deal with them this year. One of them is the magazine.

I’d talked about putting together a magazine that was sort of like Martha Stewart Living Meets Granta. Take all the things I’m interested in: writing / literature, politics, and making of all sorts (cooking, gardening, sewing, crafting, tech, photography, etc.), and put them in a magazine, with both a local & global focus, and a strong progressive bent.

A magazine is a big project, and I didn’t have time in 2020, and also don’t have time to start one in 2021. BUT, I realized it would be relatively easy to start with a website. I’m already doing plenty of cooking and sewing posts, and I’ve started more formally logging my garden posts this year. I’m thinking that it would be relatively straightforward to put together a website and invite others with relevant talents and writing ability to contribute.

If people are interested in it, then that could then become the seed for something more formally magazine-like in the future, perhaps. Or not!

So, how does that sound? Thoughts?


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