A Good Choice

When I hit a point of being unable to concentrate on anything other than doomscrolling yesterday, I took myself away for a bit to sew, which was a good choice. I finished the last mask orders from 2020.

Cute writerly mask, beautiful stars and moon mask — I was thinking of it as a solstice mask, but it would also be lovely for someone with pagan beliefs, I think, or just anyone, because it is so pretty, and finished off with some space masks, which felt oddly satisfying, since those were the first masks I made when the pandemic descended.


I also cleaned up various amaryllis / orchids / paperwhites, and cleaned and set up the grow light set-up. Soon I’ll be using the grow lights for seed starting, but for right now, they can give these a little injection of extra light, esp. since most of them were pretty sadly neglected for a few months.

I was so slow planting the amaryllises that they’d grown and curved in on themselves in their paper bags, which I was a little dismayed to see, but a day and a night under the grow lights, and they straightened up beautifully. Made me wish I’d thought to take hourly photos, so I could do a little stop-motion film. 🙂

At some point, I think I’m supposed to move these into a dark, cool place so they can go dormant, and then hopefully re-bloom next year, but I admit, I’m not quite sure when that is. When the leaves shrivel off entirely, I think? Maybe?

Oh, I have so much to learn about gardening, but it feels good to do a little bit regardless, especially when there are big terrible things happening that I have no control over.

Hope all of you had a quiet night, and woke refreshed, ready to set your home in order (and also fight for democracy).

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