Rough Day in America

Hey, how’s everyone doing? Rough day in America — I stopped even trying to do any work that required thought at 2 p.m., and have been grateful to have sewing and cleaning work to spend my time on instead, in between compulsively checking the news. My writing group was supposed to meet tonight, and we rescheduled to next week, which I think is for the best. I spent a little time working on my school board campaign; it felt good, doing a little something *for* democracy on a day like this.

I just checked in with Kavi; she’d already heard some of what was going on from her friends on chat, but she hadn’t heard about the racist message on the brick thrown at L!VE CafĂ© and Creative Space. She was pretty upset about that. “People suck!” Yes. Yes, they do.

She asked what I meant when I said it was local, and I told her where it was, and she said, “I know that place! I’ve been there!” Yes — L!ve has generously hosted several events we’ve been at, including the benefit we organized for Puerto Rican hurricane relief. It’s a special place. Kavi’s right to be outraged and upset about this terroristic assault.

Watching Heather Cox Richardson (I linked a few posts back in my feed) is reassuring and informative. I adore her.

I texted my sister, the infectious disease doctor, in D.C. to check on her family, and they’re fine — the kids are safe at home, and her hospital is on the other side of town. She doesn’t need to walk past any big government buildings on the way home. It makes me quietly furious that she has to deal with any of this. As if a pandemic weren’t enough to have to fight.

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