The Magic That Makes It Possible

I slept badly, and had a really frustrating computer keyboard breakdown time, and was generally kind of cranky and miserable much of the early afternoon. I may have burst into tears out of sheer frustration with the computer AND the iPad keyboards failing simultaneously at one point.

But then Jed Hartman invited me to come join for Zoom round singing, and despite the technical difficulties, it was really lovely to actually sing in chorus together; I don’t understand the magic that made it possible, but I loved it.

And while I was doing that in my office, Kevin supervised Kavi making dinner from another box kit, so as we were finishing up, there was a knock from Kavi on my office door, saying dinner would be ready in ten minutes. And I came down, and was greeted with tostadas, and they were delicious. I could get used to this…

We’re currently planning on two meals / week that Kavi cooks with supervision. Going well so far — if it continues, by the end of the winter, she’ll be able to cook better than I could when I left for college, I think. She is going to be VERY popular in her dorm.

(Tiny nit is that this would have been even better with avocado, but I admit that I can’t blame the box kit people for not trying to get me ripe avocado in Chicago in January. 🙂 )

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