Not Quite Regular Yet

I’m not quite on the regular work schedule yet — still trying to catch up on getting house and office in shape to work well going forward this semester. So far today, I’ve:

– woke up and read a book (good, the first Naomi Novik Scholomance book, excellent use of my time, took real willpower to not go immediately into the sequel, be proud of me)

– fought with computers and ipads and most especially keyboards for three hours (probably not a good use of my time, but I suppose it got me to the point of realizing I need to go to more serious tech support than what Kevin and I can mange, sigh)

– accepted an IKEA delivery of two shelving units and various accoutrements

– have assembled an IKEA drawer set (pretty smooth except the last step which required screwing into particle board without drilled holes, I could manage, but only just — I have three more sets to assemble, and I may enlist Kevin’s extra upper body strength to help with that)

– am joining an online roundsing — fascinated to see how this works over zoom, given lag, but Jim Moskowitz apparently has some computer magic that will make this possible

– need to respond to Darius Vinesar and Benjamin Rosenbaum and Jed Hartman and confirm they’re available for a podcast meeting + possible recording tomorrow (Sunday)

– respond to other podcast e-mails

– have a D&D RPG scheduled for this evening (should be fun and also educational)

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