New Year’s Dinner

Pulled out the space plates, and the little dessert bowls for trifle, both of which were purchased anticipating bigger dinner parties….four here for now, more in the future.

I really wanted to make some of my classic holiday feast dishes, but we wouldn’t eat it all — luckily, I managed to convince various of my neighbors & friends to accept various servings dropped at their door or picked up, so that worked, and made me feel better today. It feels right to feed at least a little of my community at the holidays.

The kids actually ate and enjoyed lamb biryani and trifle (both risky dishes, since lots of stuff is mixed together, and sometimes they get a little suspicious of that kind of thing). The lamb biryani was a little spicy for Anand (I thought it might be), but I made him a vegetarian version that he enjoyed. 🙂

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