The Perfect Winter Book

I went to bed reading Naomi Novik’s _Spinning Silver_, and woke up in this new year, staying in bed an extra hour to finish it. It’s a perfect winter book, and I recommend it to you highly.

If you love Patricia McKillip’s fairy tale work, and Robin McKinley’s, you will find much to love here, but with a specifically Jewish — I was going to say ‘inflection,’ but it’s much more than that. Permeation? Vision, perhaps, that infuses so much richness to the story, like the best of Lisa Goldstein’s work. Now I want us to do a podcast with Benjamin Rosenbaum, Lisa, and Naomi talking abut how Jewish culture and religion come out in their writing.

I don’t want to say too much more, or give anything away, so maybe I’ll just ask you to trust me? Go, read it.

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